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Beautiful Daughters Beautiful Daughters

2006    TV-14    46 minutes    3.4/5

Delve into the lives of four transgender women with this fascinating documentary from MTV's Logo network, as they embark on the first all-transsexual production of Eve Ensler's popular "The Vagina Monologues." As they prepare for opening night, the women open up about their unique experiences and share the trials and hardships they endured once they made it known that they planned to live their lives as women.


Gender Rebel Gender Rebel

2006    NR    45 minutes    3.3/5

Director Elaine Epstein's captivating documentary explores the lives of three biological females who reject the conventional concepts of gender and see themselves not as female or male, but something in between. The camera follows these individuals as they encounter challenges at every turn -- from the strain on their relationships to confrontations from communities intolerant of their way of life -- and find a way to cope with social alienation.


Out on the Job Out on the Job

2008    TV-14    44 minutes    3.2/5

For gays and lesbians of any age, coming out is a momentous and often difficult act. That's even more true of coming out in the workplace. This documentary, from Logo's "Real Momentum" series, reveals the pressures faced by three gay professionals. Each of them finds differing levels of acceptance in the workplace, especially for those who live in one of the 33 states where they can be fired simply for being gay.


National Geographic: Through the Lens National Geographic: Through the Lens

2002    NR    48 minutes    3.1/5

National Geographic holds court in the pantheon of magazine journalism for many reasons, the biggest of which is its breathtaking photography. But what makes a picture perfect? What goes into its creation? By taking ten stills and examining the work that goes on behind the lens, this documentary lets you into the world of professional photography and shows you the glamour, grit and guts that go into capturing some of history's best moments.

Latino Beginnings Latino Beginnings

2005    TV-14    45 minutes    3.0/5

To be Latino in America is one thing, but to be a gay Latino is another. Norman Green's documentary delves into this minority within a minority. Gay Latinos have to break through the added layer of religion and masculinity embedded in the Hispanic culture. Jesse, an openly gay college student; Marisol, a woman who's nervous about coming out to her mother; and Gustavo, a drag performer, all share their thoughts and experiences.


National Geographic: The Last Royals National Geographic: The Last Royals

2005    NR    53 minutes    2.9/5

Though royalty has governed nearly every civilization, revolution and the spread of democracy have taken an enormous toll on the power of crowned heads across the globe. National Geographic's captivating documentary offers an inside look at four enduring monarchs -- the queen of England and the kings of Nepal, Buganda and Tonga -- and their import in the contemporary world. The film discusses in detail their histories and prospective futures.

Gay Siblings Gay Siblings

2006    TV-14    44 minutes    2.9/5

This documentary explores families with gay siblings and the social conflict they encounter and varying degrees of acceptance they face. Profiles include a mother of five gay children, and a straight man who adopts his lesbian sister's child. Directed by Stephen David and Darryl Silver, the eye-opening program is part of the Logo network's "Real Momentum" series.

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