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EE235: Continuous Time Linear Systems

Course Information, Fall 2006

Course Information/Syllabus: PS version; PDF version. This is electronic version of the form that was passed out the first day of class. Most course information is on the syllabus, including the problem set assignments, due dates, and class schedule.


Homework assignments:
All homework assignments are listed in the course information/syllabus above.
Homework FAQ page (general questions about homework that are not in the syllabus).

Laboratory assignments:
All of the five laboratory assignments are avaialble on the connections web site. They are to be finished during discussion in the week as indicated in the syllabus.

You are strongly encouraged to fully read and understand the laboratories before the discussion section in which you are to do them. Failure to read beforehand might mean that you can't complete the lab in discussion. Labs will be graded on a pass/no-pass basis, so again you must prepare before your discussion.

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Other Important Information

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Riskin's Interactive Demos
Warning: The class notes mostly parallel these lessons, but there will be some differences, particularly for Lessons 21-24.
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EE235 Grading, Collaboration and Make-up Policies

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